At AC SMART RELOCATION, we place particular emphasis on

  • HAVING A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of a client’s needs and expectations
  • TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE INDIVIDUAL PROFILE of the employee being relocated

BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your arrival, we offer a wide range of personalised services to meet your needs and expectations.


We will…

  • contact you to determine your requirements
  • provide you with information and advice, as well as an introduction to the local property market
  • research, and then select, available properties in line with your pre-defined criteria
  • organise property visits, or prepare videos/photos of the properties should you be unable to visit in person
  • summarise the advantages and disadvantages of the selected properties and provide advice
  • provide decision-making support
  • assist you with your rental application (and follow up)
  • help you with everything involved in your move: inventory (fixtures and fittings, etc.), utility contracts, home insurance

We can…

  • provide advice and support in searching for a job
  • give details of the many clubs and associations available
  • help organise language lessons
  • offer advice and help as regards shopping
  • provide support for day-to-day life

We can…

  • offer advice and assistance with immigration procedures
  • help you with your visa application, residence permits, etc.
  • assist you with your residence permit renewal
  • help with all aspects of family reunification

We can…

  • provide an overview of the education system: public and private
  • advise you on the best schools for your family
  • organise an appointment with the school principal
  • accompany you to appointments, if necessary
  • help you with the registration process
  • assist you in finding childcare facilities and crèches

We can help you…

  • open a bank account
  • register with French Social Security
  • register with the CAF (French Benefits Office)
  • organise home insurance, car insurance, etc.
  • deal with formalities such as applying for a driving licence, registering a vehicle in your name, securing car registration documents
  • put together your MOBILI-PASS® and Visale applications

We will…

  • provide you with a Welcome Pack, containing practical information about the city (including a city map), and the Charente-Maritime region
  • offer you general information about the health care system, with details of doctors, dentists, etc.
  • provide you with general information about everyday life, including details of emergency services, public transport, places of worship, postal services, shops, etc.

We can help with…

  • terminating your rental agreement
  • cancelling telephone and internet contracts, etc.
  • organising any repair works required by the rental agreement
  • arranging the necessary appointments for exit inventory
  • ensuring the return of your security deposit