The term ‘Relocation’ is of Anglo-Saxon origin.The profession itself first appeared in France some forty years ago, a profession firmly focussed on providing a quality ‘welcome service’, with a human touch!

Our goal is to ASSIST with and SIMPLIFY all the different aspects involved in MOVING… for expatriate employees returning to France, for those who are being transferred or those taking up a new job position, as well as for students on work-study contracts and international students coming here to study.

“We offer advice and assistance to companies and individuals, helping them with their national and international mobility needs.”

AC SMART RELOCATION offers a wide range of services and personalised solutions adapted to the needs of individuals and their families, with the aim of ensuring that employees and their families successfully settle in to their new environment.

The benefits of a personalised service

Provides employees with personalised support for their professional mobility, enabling them to SETTLE IN much QUICKER and more EFFICIENTLY to their new role.
Assures companies of a ‘relaxed’ employee who is relieved of administrative formalities and logistics.
Offers invaluable assistance to foreign nationals who may not speak French and are not familiar with the way things work in France!
Ensures a single point of contact throughout the entire duration of the relocation process.


Important advantages for HR Departments within


  1. Your employee will be able to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING and SETTLE IN QUICKER
  2. It ENHANCES your company’s image
  3. Our SERVICES are applicable to everyone in your company… senior executives, young recruits, students, etc.
  4. You will have a SINGLE point of contact
  5. You have the assurance of a close WORKING RELATIONSHIP between AC SMART RELOCATION and your HR Department


Key reasons to use our services if you are


  1. You will have greater peace of mind when taking up your new position
  2. You will save time thanks to our accommodation network and by letting us handle your administrative formalities
  3. You will benefit from a dedicated point of contact throughout your relocation
  4. You can benefit from free financing of our services through MOBILI-PASS® (and you may be eligible for the Visale guarantee)
  5. You will benefit from a personalised service, taking into account your expectations and those of your family